Accounts Officer/Jr. Accounts Officer/Sr. Accountants 2012 Question Paper & Key


Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission: Hyderabad

APPSC has given Notification No. 07/2012 for the Recruitment of 10 Accounts Officers, 46 Junior Accounts Officers and 103 Senior Accountants for A.P. Municipal Accounts Sub Ordinate Service

APPSC Accounts Officer/Jr. Accounts Officer/Sr. Accountants in A.P. Municipal Accounts Sub Ordinate Service Examination scheduled on   03-NOV-2012 (A.N) & 04-NOV-2012(F.N & A.N)

AP Municipal Accounts Sub ordinate service – Final Answers Key (Official)

Official Final Answers Key for AP Municipal Accounts Sub ordinate service general recruitment released on APPSC official website Candidates can get Accounts officer (Paper 1 – GS/ Paper 2 (Commerce I) & Paper 3 (Commerce II)) – Final Answers Key from the following links.

Accounts Officer/Jr. Accounts Officer/Sr. Accountants 2012 Question Paper & Key-sakshi

APPSC: Jr. /Sr. Accounts Officer Accountant in A.P. Municipal – GS Question Paper -Series A

APPSC: Jr. /Sr. Accounts Officer Accountant in A.P. Municipal – Key- series A, B, C, D

Accounts Officers in A.P. Municipal Accounts Sub Services General Studies Question Paper- eenadu 

Accounts Officer / Jr. Accounts Officer / Sr. Accountant in A.P. Muncipal Accounts Sub – Service – Commerce – I Question Paper Held on 04-11-2012

Accounts Officer / Jr. Accounts Officer / Sr. Accountant in A.P. Muncipal Accounts Sub – Service – Commerce – II Question Paper Held on 04-11-2012

APPSC Accounts Officer/Jr. Accounts Officer/Sr. Accountants Question Paper pattern

Written Examination (Objective Type): Total 450 Marks

PAPER-1: General Studies and Mental ability-150 Marks= 150 Questions=150 Minutes

PAPER-2: Concerned Subject – Commerce-I (Accountancy) -150 Marks= 150 Questions=150 Minutes

PAPER-3: Commerce-II (Cost & Management Accounting, Business Statistics & Auditing) -150 Marks= 150 Questions=150 Minutes


1) Accounts Officer and Junior Accounts Officer: – Selection is based on the aggregate performance in the written examination in all Paper–1, Paper–2, and Paper–3 put together subject to merit and rules. Appearance to all Three (3) papers is compulsory.

2) Senior Accountants: Selection is based on the aggregate performance in the written examination in all Paper-1 and Paper-2 put together subject to merit and rules. Appearance to all Two (2) papers is compulsory.  Candidates seeking selection for Senior Accountant posts need not appear for Paper-3

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389 Responses to “Accounts Officer/Jr. Accounts Officer/Sr. Accountants 2012 Question Paper & Key”

  1. basha says:

    Hearty Congrats to all selected candidates:-) and thanks for being part of this healthy platform. Enjoy the life peacefully and joyfully as Government Officers.:-)

    • suresh chemukula says:

      thank u basha and we wish u to become govt. officer in near future. Congrats to all who selected. special thanks to SRM and AV Rao providing Web site and spreading information to all.

  2. shiva says:

    answers for some questions are changed. see errata in appsc website under miscelleaneous files

  3. Latha says:

    Hi raam
    Do you have any idea abt no. Of candidates appeared for cv out of 309 . Raam it is said that some may approach court and some are fighting for wrong keys is it true does it cause any delay in results.

    • Kamalnadhan says:

      The idea of approaching court (Tribunal) at this moment would be foolish and counterproductive. Such a move would delay the results for years.

    • RAM says:

      hi latha, i think all of candidates are attended for c.v..
      no one approach da court yet.may be approach ofter selection list,
      who not get job,vich de want.
      latha,wat is ur opinion on wrong key.
      have u any idea about highest marks in ur zone r multizone.

    • kiran says:

      basha zone-2 zone-3 and zone-4 are having high competition and maximum candidates from these zones only

  4. Subramanyam says:

    Hi my marks are 249 not 349 (85+98+66) please. correct marks

  5. vikram says:

    hai rao garu what abt 6th zone cutoff marks sa bc b

  6. Latha says:

    For cv they have called 2persons for 1 post on what basis they are going to finalise one ? Whether dey have called two persons with same marks for one post or not

  7. Sreenivas says:

    I have completed CV on 09/01/2013. The following are my marks
    1. General Studies – 58
    2. Commerce Paper I – 119
    3. Commerce Paper II – 98
    4. Total MArks for SA – 177
    5. Total MArks for AO & JAO – 275
    I am belonging to Zone IV & Community BC-B.
    Kindly suggest anyone which post i will get with this marks

    • BASHA says:

      Hi sreenivas!
      This is Basha from kurnool, I too belong to IV zone and OC category I got 183 for SA and 263 overall but I didn’t got CV. Do u have any idea that it is all over for me or still any chance for SA selection? if possible u can call me at 9030330001. Thank you!

  8. Kamalnadhan says:

    I have contacted APPSC PRO, per his statement the results will be announced after Feb 2nd week.


  9. subramanyam says:

    hi i am sbramayam. i got (104+128+117) 349.i belong to z4 oc. i think i have chance for JAO. AO cutoff 350+ ,JAO cut off 220+

  10. A.V.Rao says:

    Several people bother abt my comments but truth is in it. 9030106420 share. APPSC helpful to u. Don’t blame it.

  11. Latha says:

    I got 183 for sa and 262 for jao belongs to 5 zone when will be the final results

  12. AV Rao says:

    some people complaining abt mistakes in key now. what they did at the time of objections and later? very little no filed objections then. this is frustrating and silly. what they can do now? only delay in results nothing else.

    • A.V.Rao says:

      hey dis is not mine who is dis ? why r u using my name ? do u dont hav name ? if u want to comment den coment wit ur name…and abt wrong keys they already sent to appsc but appsc didnt changed in final key also and finaly who r U?

    • subramanyam says:

      yes, a.v.rao. what they did that time.they are fools,who filed mistakes now.don’t worry about that.appsc not correct the final key.b coz c.verifi was over.we fight against appsc if change final key.
      i got 349 marks. i belong to zone4 oc.if change key i loss some marks.
      i know two persons who was face same got 324,another one got 351.these are also loss some marks if key is these two persons also support for us.i think appsc not consider this don’t worry

  13. A.V.Rao says:

    hi latha garu,how many marks u got and which is ur zone?

  14. Latha says:

    Hi A v Rao

    This is Latha u said that another Ao post is there can u give me the details of upcoming notification it is from which department

  15. Kamalnadhan says:

    Hello Zone-1,

    Below is the list of Posts allotted for LOCAL and NON-LOCAL Candidates for Zone-1.
    G W Total Grand Total
    NL L NL L G W –
    OC 01 03 01 – 04 01 05
    SC – 01 01 – 01 01 02
    ST – – – 01 00 01 01
    BC-A – – – 01 00 01 01
    BC-B – – – 01 00 01 01
    PH(VH) – – – 01 00 01 01
    TOTAL 01 04 02 04 05 06 11

    Let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me @ 9912777863 or 9347360281.

  16. venki says:

    General Studies GS/500 Series-D,List of wrong answers given in the key
    Commerce-I AMOA/056 Series-D
    Commerce-II AMOA/057 Series

  17. Kamalnadhan says:


    Zone-1 Please contact me @ 9912777863 or 9347360281 ASAP. I would need your marks to have it updated here. Thanks.

  18. RCM says:



  19. A.V.Rao says:

    pls pls pls post real marks dont post fake marks with heros name.

  20. Rajinikanth says:

    Hi all i’m Rajani My cert verify completed on 10th I have 215 marks for SA and 324 for JAO call me 9014155622 only on evening

  21. RCM says:

    మున్సిపల్ విభాగంలో జూనియర్ అకౌంటెంట్ పరీక్ష కీలో పొరపాట్లు దొర్లినట్లు వచ్చిన ఫిర్యాదులను నిపుణుల కమిటీతో పరిశీలన జరిపి తగిన చర్యలు చేపడతాం. by appsc chairman in saakshi interview dated 21/01/13
    may be results will be delay……….at the end of feb.

  22. RCM says:

    ఎపిపిఎస్సి ఎగ్జామ్స్ వ్రాసి ఫలితాల కోసం వేచి చూస్తున్న అభ్యర్థులందరికీ ఒక మనవి, జనవరి 22 మంగళవారం రోజున అభ్యర్తులందరం కలిసి ఎపిపిఎస్సి చైర్మన్ గారిని కలిసి ఫలితాలు త్వరగా ఇచ్చేలా వారిపై ఒత్తిడి తీసుకురావాలని నిర్ణయించాం, కావున అందుబాటులో ఉన్న అభ్యర్తులందరు జనవరి 22 మంగళవారం రోజున మధ్యానం 2 గంటలకు ఎపిపిఎస్సి ఆఫీసుకు రాగలరని మనవి. 9700559470 – suneel, 9985852386 – madhav.

  23. kamalhasan says:

    hi all I’m kamal from zone 1. i got 203 for sa and 304 of jao contact 9848184188

  24. sai ram says:

    hai friends,
    pls tell me the process of selection in appsc.
    written test, certificate verification, interview,police background enquiry,medical test and final appointment is this the sequence or any thing else pls tell me

  25. Kamalnadhan says:

    Zone 1 Marks for Senior Accountant Post:

    1. Suresh – 190. (BC)
    2. Kamalnadhan – 191. (OC)
    3. Surendar – 189. (BC)
    4. Raj – 184. (BC)
    5. Murthy – 189. (BC)

    Contact me @ 9912777863

  26. Kamalnadhan says:

    Zone 1 Marks for Senior Accountant Post:

    1. Suresh – 190. (BC)
    2. Kamalnadhan – 191. (OC)
    3. Surendar – 189. (BC)
    4. Raj – 184. (BC)
    5. Murthy – 189. (BC)

  27. sai says:

    hello friends
    pls tell me what is the process of selection in appsc.
    written test,certificate verification,selection list, police enquiry,medical test, original certificates submission and final appointment is this the sequence in the process or any thing else pls tell me.

  28. A.V.RAO says:

    hi every body verification completed waiting for final result all the best to u all

  29. BASHA says:

    Can anyone please tell me on what basis appsc has called 304 persons for 159 vacancies? If at all they have called in a 1:2 ratio they should have called 318 members instead of 304, isn’t it?

    Once again Congrats and i wish each and everyone ALL THE BEST who got their number in the CV list.

    • Kamalnadhan says:

      They’ve sorted based on the Marks and Zone wise. Cut off differs for all Zones, Majority of people who got High marks could be in your Zone. Tat’s the reason they might not have called u Brother.

      Do u have any idea or contact with Zone-1(Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam & vizayanagaram) Guys.? I would like to know how many people qualified from Zone-1? Please let me Know. Thanks

  30. Kamalnadhan says:

    Hello, My verification is on 10/01/2012, I got 269 Marks, (GS-93; Commerce 1- 98; Commerce2- 78). For SA – 191, For JAO – 269. Zone-1, OC.(Vizag). I request people from Zone 1 (Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram) to post their marks ASAP. Zone 1 can reach me @ 9912777863.
    Anyone from Zone-1 got less than 185 shortlisted for Cert verification.? Let me know. Thanks.

    • suresh chemukula says:

      Hi guys any candidate who belongs to zone 3 pls call me on 9030101855 my marks are GS:65 + commerce 1: 121 Commerce II: 100 for SA 186 and overall 286 I am selected for cv on 8th of this month. We can conclude before result whether we are being selected or not based on others marks.

  31. Kumar says:

    My marks 110+123+118 total 351 any body more than 325 call 9391962831

  32. suri babu says:

    I’m a professor in IIM Ahmedabad. newly joined i’m interested only in AO

  33. suri babu says:

    380 Marks are mine. remaining luck. I agree that God was with me on that day.

  34. suri babu says:

    Sorry all I am not able to take ur calls but my marks are real. I will meet you on cert. verification. particularly TYH

  35. Kumar says:

    Is Siri and Sirisha same? I’m confused

  36. Gopi P says:

    Hi.. My Number is also in the verification list. My Verification is on 08/01/13. Is there any person with BC A category in any Zone in Multizone 1..?
    If You belong to BC A, Plz call me back @ 9030425116

  37. Suri Babu says:

    my marks genuine call 9984423689

  38. ram says:

    hi friends, our verification in 2013 or 2012?
    appsc put the dates 8-12012,9-1-2012,10-1-2012

  39. hemanth says:

    Ganesh Reddy R U selected for Certificate Verification

  40. hemanth says:

    i got verification is on 9th Zone 3 oc

  41. A.V.RAO says:

    hi Raam garu, on which date u have certificates verification? my verification is on 8th

  42. RCM says:


  43. Suri Babu says:

    409 marks. 128+143+138

  44. Raaju says:

    Certificate Verification list out
    see in appsc site-direct recruitment-certificate verification

  45. RCM says:


  46. Latha says:

    There are many mistakes in final keys how to bring this to the notice of concerned authority is there any solution or not

  47. Ganesh Reddy says:

    Hi frnds Happy New Year to all

    • A.V.RAO says:


  48. Raaju says:

    Everything Fraud at APPSC.
    God will punish nicely for playing with un employees ‘s life.
    Hats off to Andhra Jyothy and Eenadu for their efforts to find out frauds at APPSC.
    pls c 2day’s Andhra jyothy paper for a Big Fraud from application submission to selection stage in Degree Lecturers’s recruitment.

    • A.V.RAO says:

      This is all because of the great leader y.s.r,he appointed ripunjaya reddy and another 3 members in the appsc. still y.s.r dead his followers are making frauds and playing games with us. jaffa na jaffda

  49. sri says:

    when the certificate verification list will be out

  50. ram says:

    hi, friends i am raam. i got 230 in junior accountant in apmass. i am from
    prakasam dt. post ur marks any one from prakasam dt

  51. rambabu says:

    Hi.. I got GS – 72 & Commerce-I =79 for SA and GS – 103 & Commerce-86 total 189 for any chance of job. thanks for you.

  52. hemanth says:

    appsc junior accountants (18-11-2012) final key released

  53. Paddayya says:

    Junior acct-5 Lakhs, Senior acct-10 lakhs, JAO-15 lakhs and AO-20 lakhs. Offer valid till 31st December. Limited vacancies. Hurry up. Discounts on bulk purchases. Contact Prof.Paddayya 9440899622

  54. hemanth says:

    junior accountants (18.11.2012) key out check the websites

  55. Radha says:

    i had attend 3 papers but qualified first 2 papers,what is tha process the selection process

  56. Radha says:



  57. hemanth says:

    hi friends appsc published Final key.please post u r opinions about cutoff marks

  58. A.V.RAO says:

    i hav no words to speak there are mind blowing mistakes in final key is it any chances to make fraud ? can anyone say the jao cutoff ?

  59. Siri says:

    Hi, I got 280 marks (79+107+94) which is held on nov 3rd and 4th and for Sr Accountant I got 186 marks. I am belonging to Zone 6, OC female.

    any chance to get any job?

    Please anybody reply me.

  60. venkateswara swamy says:

    I got 235 in three papers gs 69 commerce-I 92 commerce-II 74 I have loss of 3 marks in final key my zone 2 krishna district multizone 1 s.c. male any chance get the job please tell me any one.
    thank you my friends

  61. Raaju says:

    APPSC deleted 5 Questions (GS1 ,Commerce I:1 and Commerce II:3)

    Still some mistakes are there in Final Key. APPSC behave like dictator .I think it will never change the final key even if there are some mistakes to be rectified. That was happened in Previous recruitments also.
    We can easily understand how the APPSC’s recruitments are fair as yesterday only one commission member raided by ACB and Found Huge amount.

  62. Radha says:



  63. BASHA says:

    hi frnds,

    my marks as per final key are GS – 85, Paper -I – 97, Paper – II – 81

    total is 263 for AO/JAO
    and total is 182 for SA and iam from zone- 4 with a great OC tag,

    Anybody please share with me relevant information regarding SA cut off marks
    Thank you

  64. hemanth says:

    A.V. Rao garu how many marks u will got

  65. A.V.RAO says:

    hi Raam(Rami reddy) garu how many marks you got after final key? dis is A.V.Rao

  66. Ganesh Reddy says:

    no changes in final key wht about wrong answeer given by appsc

  67. hemanth says:

    final key out.check the websites

  68. Radha says:

    hi hemath garu,
    i got gs 62 marks and commerece 1 85 marks notification no 7/2012 municipal accounts and subordination services any chance for gettin job and when we expect final key and results

  69. Radha says:

    Hi Friend,

    when expect final key and results for municipal accounts officers notification no 7/2012

  70. A.V.RAO says:

    wat happens in appsc ? they released press note on 21st that is updation of final key of A.O exam but still not updated in website. How can we put pressure on appsc about the final results of aso and ao ?

  71. Radha says:

    no no 7/2012 gs62 and commerece 85 any chance

  72. Radha says:

    Hi friends,
    7/2012 no no.i got gs,62+coomerece 185 oc any chance

  73. sri says:

    hai friends,
    iam from zone 4 oc female, igot 245 in jao/ao and 170 in sa . pls tell whether i have any chance to get any of the job

  74. veerababu says:

    Any one know zone 2 cutoff marks for general catagory

  75. hemanth says:

    padma garu it is a good score how many marks u will got in junior accountants (18.11.2012)

  76. hemanth says:

    hi padma garu,
    R u wrote Junior accountants exam (18-11-2012).if u wrote how many marks u will got

  77. RK says:

    hi ram whats u r district

  78. Bajee says:

    Hi RCM! would u kindly provide your Zone so that it’ll be a good source of evaluation

  79. Bajee says:

    HI padma! Congratulations for your splendid performance in the APMAS AO exam! I guess u’ll certainly get the position. Here’s some speculation about cut off marks in women category! what’s ur guess can u post your marks break up?

  80. hemanth says:

    hi SRM garu how many marks u will got in junior accountants(18.11.2012)

  81. Siri says:

    where is the final key

  82. ram says:

    hi friends
    are u say which is the best ASO or SENIOR ACCOUNTANT?

    • TYH says:

      Obviously Senior Accountant

    • RK says:

      hi guys please post Zone 3 applicants marks i am prepare markslist of zone 3
      and post 18-11-2012 exam marks for all districts.please mention u r disrict subjectwise marks and category

      • ram says:

        hi mr RK i am raam. i got 236 for ASO
        310+ for JAO, 220+ for SA, 240+ for JA
        from zone 3, prakasam, reddy.

        • TYH says:

          Hi Ram, I am also from zone-3, sc category, got 292 in AO/JAO/SA and expecting 20 more marks to be added in final key…do u know any category candidates marks in our zone…plz revert back me on 9989314052

  83. swathi says:

    how many wrote exam from zone-5 for exam held on 18-11-2012?

  84. Srinivasa Rao Medaboina says:

    RCM Please think about Group-2 Commerce posts

  85. Srinivasa Rao Medaboina says:

    Several posts in Group-2 have Commerce background but the Commission included all these in General Group-2 and no separate exam no optional papers. I urge all the Commerce candidates to come forward and petition the government.
    Revert Srinu 8686832308

  86. Srinivasa Rao Medaboina says:

    I had filed 27 objections for ASO, 4 for Group-4, 50 for AO/JAO and 35 for JA. All in all 116 objections. It may sound weird and too much ambitious. But I tried my level best to defend every mark. I did whatever I could do. I hope all the eligible candidates benefit from this.
    Revert Srinu 8686832308

  87. SRM says:

    I got 346 (100 in GS, 124 in Commerce I and 122 in Commerce II). I’m expecting 25 additional marks. Zone 2 OC Male 8686832308

  88. Prasad says:

    450 state topper

    • Srinivasa Rao Medaboina says:

      May be you are the topper but I know one person who got 500

    • RCM says:

      Dear prasad
      Don,t comment SRM. he is expert in subject i know very much. he is state topper in ASO. Do U Know? don,t comment any person in this blog. they expressing their opinions only. if U don,t like just not follow them. sorry if u hurted. he is one our commerce community.

  89. Srinivasa Rao Medaboina says:

    I got 346 marks (100 in GS, 124 in Commerce I and 122 in Commerce II) as per APPSC Primary key. I had filed 50 objections (9 in GS, 23 in Commerce I and 18 in Commerce II). I’m expecting at least 25 additional marks. All these numbers are genuine. No window dressing and No inflation of marks. I’m from Zone-2 (Multi Zone-1) OC Male
    Revert Srinu 8686832308

  90. hemanth says:

    padma jyothi garu r u wrote junior accountants exam (18-11-2012) if u wrote how many marks u will got ?

  91. BASHA says:

    I got 110 in GS and 98 in Paper -2 on 18-11-2012, do i have any chance in General? zone 4

  92. BASHA says:

    Hi frnds,

    I got 83 in Paper – 1, 96 in Paper – 2, and 80 in Paper – 3 total 259 and I belongs to zone 4 do i have any chance of getting any job through this exam and iam OC male

  93. hemanth says:

    A.v.Rao garu r u wrote junior accountants exams if u wrote how many marks u will get

  94. Krishna says:

    hi guys i got 345 in jao exam and 250 in senior accountants
    263 in junior accountants exam(18-11-2012) can i get job

  95. raam says:

    hi frnds, i got 310 in 3 papers, and 220 in 1st 2 papers
    frm zone3, REDDY

  96. k gopalini says:

    sirmadam i am gopalini i am female i got 256 in municipal accounts which held 18-11-12 is there any chance to get the govt job i am zone -1

  97. Padma Jyothi says:

    Dear friends,
    I belongs to OC, female. I got 280 marks in Ao and JAO and 180 marks for SA. I belongs to Zone 1. is there any chance to get any one of the jobs. Pls reply me

  98. hemanth says:

    appsc junior accounts(18-11-2011) gs final key

  99. SRINIVASARAO says:

    Dear Friends
    what is cutoff marks Sr.Accountant in Zone -1. If anybody idea, send the email

    • TYH says:

      For OC-210, others-200

    • Arjun says:

      Dear Friends,
      Dont trust any cut off.
      May be in this week ,APPSC is going to announce FINAL KEY.Ya each and every person’s score will be changed with final key.
      It is a GAME of LUCK as v dont know na how many persons r there in front of us whose score is more.
      Less score of a candidate will be come more with Final key and vice versa.

      JAO post to First 12 toppers in Multi Zone 1(as 2 toppers eliminated with AO post) and First 6 Toppers in Multi Zone 2(as there is no AO post for General)
      Best Of LUCK for ALL

  100. VEERABABU says:

    hi frnds any one know how many member appeared apmss Ao/jao/sa held on 03, 04-11-2012 n cutoff marks of ao/jao/sa

  101. SRM says:

    JAO Cutoff will be 340 for OC. For others I’m keeping my fingers crossed

  102. TYH says:

    Hi I got 292 marks in AO/JAO/SA’s Exam held on 03-11-2012 and i belongs to Zone-3 SC category…I am expecting 20-25 marks to be added in final key..I’ll get around 315-320 after final key..Is there any chance to get JAO?

  103. HEMANTH says:


  104. GOPI says:

    Hi Friends..
    According to the Initial Key issued (1.12.2012) by APPSC,
    My score is 275 (62+118+95) out of 450 Marks.
    Sr.Accountant score is 180 out of 300 Marks
    I belong to Zone 2, MultiZone I -Krishna Dist. BC-A
    pls tell me the possibility to get any one of posts JAO/SA in Apmass.

    Also Share your marks, category, Zone

  105. VEERABABU says:

    Hi this veerababu I got marks in GS 91+Com 125 and Commerce paper 2 110 marks in zone 2 recentaly held APPSC Municipal JAO, plz tall me any chance to get job any one get marks above 326 plz share me and i found mistakes in commerce nearly 20 bits.

  106. Ganesh Reddy says:


  107. bhargav says:

    i got gs 81 commerce I 110 commerce II 90 total 281 i am 3rd zone oc
    any chances to get the job

  108. hemanth says:

    what is the cut off marks of open category for appsc junior accountants exam (18-11-2012)

  109. hemanth says:

    hi anish r u wrote junior accountants exam(18-11-2012)
    if u wrote how many marks u will get?

    • Anish says:

      Hi Hemanth,
      No ,I didnt write Jr. Accountant exam held on 18-11-2012.
      But I come to know that the papers are easy compare to AO/JAO/SA exam.

  110. hemanth says:

    i got 190 marks in gs and commerce I(3.11.2012)
    i got 115 marks in gs and 116 in commerce (18.11.2012)
    any chances are their to got the job
    i am oc zone 3 guntur District

  111. RAMBABU says:

    when will be Final results come?

  112. sundar says:

    i belong to zone -3 i got 251 marks in jao exam . 170 in senior accountant and i belong to general category

    • ANISH says:

      *To get AO, one belongs to OC, should be topper .
      *Total JAO psts Multi Zone 10(30% open and 70% Local*Fraction
      should ignored -means Zone 2:jao posts 6 open 1(1.8 considered as 1) and 5Local)
      Multi zone II 6
      To select Jao , a candidate from Multi zone I should be in TOP 12
      a candidate from Multi Zone II should be in TOP 8
      Best of Lick Sunder

      • Ganesh Reddy says:

        hi frnd this is ganesh reddy frm kakinada zone 2 i got gs plus commerce 1 181 marks if any chance to get senior accountant in open catagory plz tell me and 8 mistakes found in commerce paper 1 and i filed objections to appsc

      • SRM says:

        Hi Anish, u r right. To get the AO in OC category one must finish the race with podium. No margin of error.Others have some margin.

      • Anish says:

        BEST OF LUCK

  113. sundar says:

    i got 87 in paper -1 , 83 in paper-2 , and 80 in paper -3 in ap municipal accounting srvice exam . there are blunders in commerce keys

    • srikanth says:

      hi sundar,

      did u filed the objections to appsc.
      when they r going to release the final key. Finally, which zone did u belong?

  114. Anishkumar says:

    No body knows the cut off marks till the final list announced.
    Is anybody interested to discuss the objection to be filed with APPSC as only 4 days left to do so.
    Till nw I found 10 blunder mistakes in appsc initial key.
    There is no Accounts Officer Post for Zone 5&6(Multi Zone 2).
    Is anybody have an idea about the salary AFTR ALL ALLOWANCES(not basic pay) details for those 3 types of posts(i.e.AO/JAO/SAO).pls share here ur objections and salary dtails of above posts.

  115. pvijaya saradhi says:

    i got the 236 marks in j a o exam oc in krishna district 67+76+93 any chance oc male

  116. Siri says:

    Hi, I got 280 (80+107+93 for Paper I, II and III respectivly) marks in Muncipal accontant which is held on 4th NOV, and

    I got 210 (102+108 for Paper I and II respectivly) marks which is held on 18 th NOV.

    I am belonging to Zone 6,OC cat.

    Any chance to get any job for above catogeries?.

    Please anyone reply me.


    i am getting gs 69 commerce paper-I 93,commerce paper-II 76 overall total in 3papers 238 marks krishna district sc male any chance get the job please reply any one of my friends

  118. TYH says:

    Accounts officer key out…check appsc website

  119. Anish kumar says:

    According to the Initial Key issued(1.12.2012) by APPSC,
    My score for 3 papers is 290
    SAO score 199
    I m belongs to Zone 5 -Karimnagar Dist.
    pls tell me the possibility to get any one of the AO/JAO/SAO post in Ap municipal.
    Thanks in Advance for ur kind reply

    • TYH says:

      ur community plz

      • ANISH KUMAR says:

        I m belongs to ZONE 5-BC “B”
        There are 8 wrong answers in Commerce paper 1.
        if appsc rectifies the initial key,my score will be 297(GS+Commerce Paper 1+Commerce paper2)
        SAO Score -207(GS+Commerce Paper 1)

        pls mail me the possibility to get any one of the above posts.
        Thanks in Advance,
        Anish kumar

  120. Ganesh Reddy says:

    HI frnd i got gs 79 marks and commerce paper – 1 103 marks as per( apmss senior accountants) appsc key issued to i.e. 01-12-2012. plz check ur marks in appsc web site

  121. seetha ram chandra narayanan says:

    pls any one mail commerce paper 1&2 key held on nov 3&4th of november(for a/c officer,junr.a/c.officer&sen.a/c)
    my iD:
    thanks in advance

  122. seetha ram chandra narayanan says:

    pls mail me commerce 1 & 2 papers key held on 3&4th of november pls

  123. Rupesh says:

    Dear eenadu and sakshi,

    Do you know the key for commerce which is held on 04.11
    2012 and 18.11.2012?

  124. subbu says:

    any body knows commerce 1 key.. please share to

    advance thanks


  125. subbu says:

    i am BC-A, krishna district am getting in GS in 55 and Comm I 90 in krishna zone..can i hope on post ?

  126. P.SWATHI says:

    Hi,plz send the key of junior accounts officer exam held on 18-11-2012 for both general studies and commerce parer.My paper code is ‘C’

  127. ganesh reddy says:

    definetely you got job hemanth

  128. hemanth says:

    i am got 115&125 in gs & commerce paper which held on Nov District is guntur(Zone 3) OC. Any chance to get a job

    • P A Maheshwar says:


      Please give me key paper of commerce paper -1 & 2 of booklet series (C), i want to know the correct answers.


  129. mohammad imran says:

    kindly provide me the key for commerce 1 and 2 and A series to my mail id

  130. Siri says:

    I got 80,110 & 90 in GS,Commerce I and Commerce II respectively, which is held on 4th Nov. and

    I got 95 & 115 in GS and Commerce Paper which is held on 18th NOV.

    Any chance to get a job in any catagory?

  131. santhu says:

    please send key which exam was held on 18-11-2012 paper code is c

  132. SRINIVASARAO says:

    Please give a mail of me. what is Sr.Accountant Post Cut-Off Marks. I am In 1st Zone. I got 1st Paper 65 and Second Paper 100+ is there any change? reply pls email id:

  133. ram says:

    minimum cut off marks of sr accontant should be 215.and accounts officer u need get 325.

  134. Ganesh Reddy says:

    I got GS 80+ and Commerce 1 100+ if any chance to get the s.a in open catagory

    plz send commcer papaer 1

  135. mr says:

    send me commerce key 1nad 2

  136. HARI KRISHNA says:

    hi if u hav key papers of commerce 1 & 2 of muncipal accountant exam held on nov 4th 2012 plz send to me …….my mail id

  137. A.V.RAO says:

    wat is the cutoff for jao post and i got 300 above can any chances me to get the post?

  138. rafi says:

    pls send me municipal account paper 1 and 2 series key

  139. nizam says:

    hi plz send me the key for the post of jr/sr accountant officer in ghmc hyd notification no 07/2012,paper 1,2,3 the series is “c” and my mail id is SYEDNIZAMUDDIN11@GMAIL>COM

  140. nizam says:

    plz send me jr/sr accountant officer in ap ghmc,notification no 07/2012,paper 1,2,3 the series is “c”

  141. PRASAD BABU says:

    Please send Group 2 Accounts Officer in municipal subordinate services written examination ( 03-11-12 & 03-11-12) Paper II & Paper III Key of “C” Series plz…..My Mail ID :

  142. venkat says:


    Please send me Group 2 Jr/sr accountants office accounts in AP, COMMERCE PAPER 2,3 KEYS.


  143. wat is the maximam cutoff for a.o,jao,s.a exam? if u have key for commerce 1&2 code : c,
    plz send to my mail id:

  144. ramakrishna says:

    muncipal account officer commerce 1 and 2 `c` serice key
    plz send to my mail.

  145. narra venkatesh says:

    plz send keys for commerce-1&2

  146. Raman Jp says:

    Please send me the Commerce 1 ‘A’ series key to

  147. polukondavijayasaradhi says:

    what is the maximum cut off J A O if you have key for please send my mail Id

  148. A.V.RAO says:

    wat is the maximum cutoff for a.o, jao and senior accountants exam ?if u have key for commerce 1 &2 code A, pls send to my mail id:

  149. kirangoud says:

    municipal account officer commerce 1 and 2 ‘d’ series key
    plz send to my mail


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