Assistant Engineer GS & Civil/ Mechanical/ Electrical Question Papers & Key 2012


Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) conducted written test on 04.11.2012 for recruitment to the post of Assistant Engineer/ Municipal Assistant Engineer in A.P. Public Health and Municipal Engineering Subordinate Service and A.P. Municipal Engineering Subordinate Service.

APPSC Assistant Engineer / Municipal Assistant Engineer Recruitment 2012

1. Assistant Engineer AE – 59 Posts

2. Municipal Assistant Engineers (Electrical) – 35 Posts

3. Municipal Assistant Engineers (Civil) – 151 Posts

APPSC AE Selection Procedure: Written Exam (Objective Type)

APPSC Assistant Engineer/ Municipal AE written exam consist of two papers for 300 Marks.

Paper 1: General Studies – 150 Marks = 150 Questions

Paper 2: Civil / Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering – 150 Marks = 150 Questions

APPSC Assistant Engineer minimum qualifying marks/ Cut off Marks – OCs 40%, BCs 35% SCs, STs and PHs 30% or as per rules.

APPSC Assistant Engineer in A.P. Public Health / Municipal Assistant Engineer written test question papers with answers keys are available now. Candidates can download APPSC Assistant Engineer AE Civil/ Mechanical/ Electrical Question papers & key Solutions from the following links.

APPSC Assistant Engineer 2012 General Studies Question Paper & Answers Key

APPSC Asst. Engineers in Public Health & Municipal Engineering – GS Question Paper with KEY Held on 04-11-2012


Assistant Engineer AE 2012 Civil / Mechanical/ Electrical Question Paper & Answers Key

APPSC Asst. Engineers in Public Health & Municipal Engineering – Civil / Mechanical (Common) – Paper – II Held on 04-11-2012

APPSC Asst. Engineers in Public Health & Municipal Engineering – Electrical Engineering (Paper – II) Held on 04-11-2012

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Posted by 69 Responses

69 Responses to “Assistant Engineer GS & Civil/ Mechanical/ Electrical Question Papers & Key 2012”

  1. varaprasad says:

    i got 90 marks in GS and 99 in ELECTRICAL ….., I AM from zone 3 bc-d…….., is tr any chance to get jobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  2. dharma says:

    pls post zone2 electrical marks in muncipal ae i got 180 marks excluding marks

  3. dharma says:

    plz post zone2 electrical marks in muncipal ae

  4. Venkat says:

    Hi Narasimhulu,
    Pls post your Marks after final Key in electrical Muncipal engg from Zone -4.

  5. Venkat says:

    Hello, Plz post electrical marks in Muncipal AE from the Zone -4

  6. balu says:

    if u r belongs to zone 2 plz post u r marks(eletrical)

    • Brahma Reddy says:

      Hi Balu !!! Do u got in AEE….plz post comments…Its urgent. Plz also let me know anyone from ur circle got selected n got above 320 in AEE…It is very urgent to me to analyze my selection in AEE….

  7. surya says:

    In civil/mechanical key, there are more mistakes than in initial key, nearly ten questions are cancelled even though they have answers, and still ten more question answers are not corrected, it will make lot of difference in merit list, if we didn’t wake up. Please send mails and call appsc helpdesk regarding the mistakes in final key

  8. chand says:

    i got 206 marks in general category(male,electrical,zone1).is there any chance

  9. siva says:

    i got 181 (GS 82+Electrical 99) marks in electrical from zone 1. is there any chance to come in municipal AE exam.

  10. Ramesh says:

    I am from zhone-4 BC-B male Mechanical. I got 204 marks in ae. Can i get the job

  11. r.g.v.prasad says:

    iam getting 188marks, civil….. from zone2, oc male

  12. Ravi says:

    Hi all, i got 170 marks in ae municipal engineers( sc male zone 2 ).can i have any chance to get chance pls reply.civil engg branch.

  13. surya says:

    Hi did anyone submitted objections in civil/mechanical paper?how many changes can occur in final key?and please post marks for cutoff purpose…

  14. tiger raj says:

    my name is raj muni assis engineer exam iam getteing paper1 99 paper2 93 tatal marks 192 in appsc key plese cuttoff marks send me mail zone3 male oc

  15. babu says:

    hi i got 170 marks zone 4 bc b is there any chance to get job plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz rly me any body

  16. babu says:

    hi this is babu i got 170 marks out of 300 in electrical.people who are giving comments can u tell me for what total u r getting those it 450 or 300.because 2nd paper is 150 questions and each 1 carry 2 paper1 150+paper 2 300 ==450 plz rly to my mail id

  17. siva says:

    i am getting 181 marks in muncipal corporaton from zone 1 electrical branch is there any chance?

  18. narasimha says:

    venkat,and svr reddy how many marks r u getting in polytechnic lecturers exam

  19. maha says:

    hi i got 182 marks civil oc female zone 2 is there any chance

  20. Pawan says:

    hi i got 180 marks in civil engg oc male zone-2,can i get the job

  21. trao says:

    i am getting 182 marks in civil appsc public health & muncipal is there any chance

  22. venkat says:

    When will be the APPSC Assistant Engineer in MUNICIPAL Results coming?

  23. subhash says:

    whatis the highest mark in zone 2 for electrical ………iam getting 197 is there is any chnce

  24. narasimha says:

    iam getting 210 in zone 4 is there is any chance for getting job in electrical……….

  25. Suresh says:

    I am getting 200 oc in zone 2 is to get …..

  26. reddy says:

    oc cuttoff marks zone-3

  27. sv reddy says:

    I am getting 215 Marks in Electrical from Zone 4. is there any chance to get the job?

  28. PRATABREDDY says:

    oc zone3 male iam getting 199 marks plese cuttoffmareks

  29. mouli says:

    I am gettig 181 marks MECHANICAL engg.. i am from zone 3,male OC ……this is good score or not ? in this exam what is the zone 3 cuttoff?

  30. ram says:

    municipal assi enginee oc cuttoff marks argent

  31. mahesh says:

    is 210 good score or not in electrical ‘oc’?

  32. rao says:

    How can i get this key?

  33. surya says:

    Hi how is the exam paper?is 200 is a gud score to select from zone 1 male oc for mechanical?

  34. jaswanth says: can i cant key for this paper?


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