CSIR NET Dec 2012 Question Papers& Answers Key Discussion


CSIR conducted Joint CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test for Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility for Lectureship in six subjects of science on 23rd December 2012 in the following areas:

1. Chemical Sciences

2. Earth, Atmospheric, Ocean and Planetary Sciences

3. Life Sciences

4. Mathematical Sciences

5. Physical Sciences

6. Engineering Sciences

CSIR NET Dec 2012 Question Papers& Answers Key – Review & Discussion

CSIR NET Dec 2012 Question Papers& Answers Key (official) are available in CSIR NET official website

Click here for CSIR NET Cut off for JRF & Lectureship

Joint CSIR UGC NET Dec 2012 Question Papers & Answers Key – held on 23rd Dec 2012


1. Chemical Sciences Question Paper Answers Key
2. Earth, Atmospheric, Ocean and Planetary Sciences Question Paper Answers Key
3. Life Sciences Question Paper Answers Key
4. Mathematical Sciences Question Paper Answers Key
5. Physical Sciences Question Paper Answers Key
6. Engineering Sciences Question Paper Answers Key

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CSIR NET December 2012 Expected Cut off Marks

Best Coaching Centres/ Preparation Tips/ Books for CSIR NET Exam

Difficulty Level (Very Easy/ Easy/ Normal/ Hard/ Very Tough)

Which Section is Easy/ Hard? (General Aptitude / conventional (subject related) / scientific concepts)

Nature/ Standard of Questions

Lengthy Questions in the CSIR NET 2012 Question paper

Time Management in the CSIR NET DEC 2012 Exam paper

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Posted by 43 Responses

43 Responses to “CSIR NET Dec 2012 Question Papers& Answers Key Discussion”

  1. Siddhartha says:

    I am scoring around 100.what will be cut of for life sciences

  2. sumit som says:

    what will bw cut off for jrf in mathematical sciences in dec 2012

  3. solfy says:

    What is the value of chemical potential for BEC ,it is 0.
    But anwer given in the key is different.

  4. Gitanjali says:

    What will be the expected cut-off for dec. 2012 lifescience

  5. dinesh says:

    foe incompessibility answer is given as b
    i am getting 65 mark my chances???///

  6. dinesh says:

    hi everybody
    for the question regarding incompressibility of fluids the answer given in the key is it’s velocity is non divergent ……….bt i think it should be constant density any solution

    i am getting some 65 mark any chances????????//

  7. akansha says:

    what will be the expected cutoff for engineering sciences ??

    • sarishti says:

      We can only guess a cutoff(around 80). It’s quite hard to clear the exam.

    • rashmeet singh says:

      I think cut off for JRF in ENGINEERING SCIENCES will be around 80-85..MAX 85

      • rashmeet singh says:

        hi engineering science students
        any news regarding result?
        can anyone tell me what will be job opportunities in govt colleges after NET?
        will they hire just a BTECH candidate as a lecturer for btech students?I doubt it.

      • sumit says:

        are you sure this was the cutoff for the dec 2012 engg science exam ? Bcoz I am going to write the test this summer and would like to know who has appeared last year and how much was the cutoff.

        Thanking you

  8. DKS says:

    csir jrf/ls result will come within a week……………source todayz dainik jagran newz paper

  9. unnati says:

    last time we got question paper within a month after exam.
    and answer key before 10 days of declaration of result i.e. on 14 aug(for june paper)

  10. DKS says:

    result will come in feb last week………………… i think……………..

  11. virendra kumar soni says:

    when key will be displayed.

  12. virendra says:

    hi What will be the utoff for lifescience for OBC.
    I may get about 80 marks.

  13. Tahir Ashraf says:

    When will be the answer keys uploaded on csir website?

  14. sir what will be the cut off in chemical sciences of csirnet dec2012

  15. dks says:

    any body having answer keys 4 engineering sciences paper

    • rashmeet singh says:

      hi friends
      I’m coming with the CSIR Engineering Sciences relevant concise theory plus a lot of solved problems just in the month’s ending.
      It will include:
      1.Engineering Mathemathics
      2.Fluid mechanics
      4.Solid Mechanics
      5.material sciences
      plus safe,easy and selected topics of Electronics and Electrical.

  16. rubin says:

    Hi friends,I am from lifescience stream,last time 84 marks was the cut off,this time exam was a little more difficult,isnt it? What would be the expected cut off for life science?

  17. Nithin says:

    Ya, paper was very tough.. I’m from mechanical.. I expect around 80 only..

  18. sarishti says:

    How much are you expecting?

  19. sarishti says:

    And for this question even i was confused but I went for the b option.

  20. sarishti says:

    Isnt 80 marks a bit high? The paper was quite tough.You are from which stream?

    • rashmeet singh says:

      hi sarishti
      i’m from instrumentation field.
      i can only guess the cut off.Anyways how much do you expect the cut off?
      answer b can only be derived if option a is right.
      as equaton is
      d(pu)/dx +d(pv)/dy +d(pw)/dz + dp/dt=0(here d is partial derivative and p is density)
      now if p=constant,then dp/dt=0 and p comes outside the brackets.
      thus resulting eqn is du/dx +dv/dy +dw/dz=0
      i.e divergence(velocity field)=0

    • Ravi Pandey says:

      For CSE student paper was tough..bcoz in part b(engineering apti) nothing was related to cse..:( Electrical nd ece student may score good.

  21. rashmeet singh says:

    there is a question in section B of engineerig sciences which has 2 correct answers.
    Q.For incomressible fluids which of the following is right?
    ANS. option(a) density is constant.
    (b)divergence of the velocity field is zero.

    • Rachit says:

      The correct answer for this question will be (a) because that is necessary for fluid to be incompressible and if it is given that fluid is incompressible then according to continuty equestion divergence of velocity field vector will be zero but converse is not true example
      for a fluid whose density is a function of field lest say p=f(x,y,z)
      and velocity field is given by V=x(y-z)i+y(z-x)j+z(x-y)k here it is clear that div(V)=0 but density is not constant hence only necessary condition for a fluid to be incompressible is density= constant

  22. rashmeet singh says:

    hi everyone
    this was the first time for engineering sciences.
    paper was difficult and i think engineering is almost similar to physics.So 80 marks will be the cut off.


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