How can I transfer a Facebook page from one FB account to another?



How to Change Facebook Page Admin ?

How to transfer Facebook Page from one FB to another FB Account ?

Face Book Page Settings ?

How do I transfer a Facebook Page?


If you want to transfer your Facebook PAGE to another Facebook account, you must ensure that the new FB Account holder should “Like” your PAGE with their Profile.

You then go to your “Facebook PAGE” and click on “Settings” which is on the right side top corner

Then you will see the list on the left side

  • General
  • Page Info
  • Post Attribution
  • Notifications
  • Page Roles
  • Apps
  • Featured
  • Banned Users
  • Page Support
  • Activity Log

From the above list Select “Page Roles” à right side you will get a widget Page Admin and click on “Add Another Person” in the bottom and enter the “email address of new admin” and below that there will be a selection List containing: Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst. Select “Admin” for giving admin rights to the new user, then click on “Save Changes”.

To save the changes you will be asked your Facebook login password.

After successful submission of New User as Page Admin, you can “Remove old Admin”

Now The PAGE is under the control of the new Admin.

Login to your Another Facebook Account and you can see this “Page”

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