AP Excise Constables Model Question Paper & Answers Key 2012

By | December 18, 2012

AP Excise Constables 2012 written test Pattern & Syllabus

The candidates who qualify in the Physical Efficiency Test will have to appear for a Written Test. AP Excise Constables 2012 written exam Paper will consist of 100 objective questions (to be answered in 2 hours). The breakup of total 100 questions & Syllabus for the written test is as given below:

Subject Marks
PART – I: General Aptitude   
  1. Numerical Ability
25 marks
  1. Reasoning ability
25 marks
PART – II: General Knowledge    
  1. Andhra Pradesh History &  Geography
15 marks
  1. Civics and Current Affairs
15 marks
  1. General Science
20 marks

The level of questions will be of S.S.C standard. The candidate will be allowed to take the exam in any of the three languages viz., English, Telugu or Urdu. The marks secured in the written exam will be the basis for ranking of the candidates.

AP Excise Constables Model Question Paper & Answers Key 2012

AP Excise Constables Model/ sample solved question papers with answers key is available now. Candidates can view AP Excise Constables 2012 model question paper & answers key given below.

AP Excise Constable Model Question Paper

General Science

1.         The instrument which measures time most accurately is

A)        Sun dial

B)        Wall clock

C)        Atomic clock

D)        Water clock

2.         Which of the following is equal to velocity of light?

a)         3.0 x1010 m / sec

b)         3.0 x 108 m / sec

c)         3.0 x 10 kms/sec

d)         Infinity

3.         Least count of which of the following measuring devices is less

a)         Scale

b)         Tape

c)         Vernier calliperse

d)         Screw gauge

4.         Which of the following is lightest element?

a)         Hydrogen

b)         Helium

c)         Oxygen

d)         Nitrogen

5.         In the Process of photo-synthesis, which of the following is released?

a)         Oxygen

b)         Carbon dioxide

c)         Carbon

d)         Nitrogen


6.         The tenure of the judges of high court is, till the completion of years of age

A)        58

B)        60

C)        62

D)        65

7.         Allocation of Rajyasabha seats in Andhra Pradesh state is

A)        18

B)        42

C)        296

D)        545


8.         Which district in Andhra Pradesh has the highest forest area?

A)        Visakhapatnam

B)        Kadapa

C)        Adilabad

D)        Khammam

9.         Among the following, the thermal power plant is located at?

A)        Vijayawada

B)        Srisilam

C)        Nagarjunasagar

D)        Sriramsagar

10.       Length of coastal line in Andhra Pradesh state is

A)        500 km

B)        972 km

C)        2572 km

D)        3075 km


11.       What is the other name of Sindhu civilization?

A)        Bronze age civilization

B)        Iron age civilization

C)        Modern age civilization

D)        Industrial civilization


12.       Find the wrong number in the sequence 105, 107, 110, 115, 122, 133,145

A)        105

B)        110

C)        133

D)        145

13.       If A denotes 3, B denotes 4, C denotes 5 and so on, what do the following number sequence stands for?

13, 11, 22, 7

A)        KITE

B)        LOCK

C)        RITE

D)        ROCK


14.       Find the next letter in the series XURO

A)        N

B)        M

C)        0

D)        L

15.       Choose the alternative which closely resembles the mirror image of the given English word:


a)         3VITOA

b)         3VITCA

c)         A3OTIV

d)         3VITOV

16.       Identify the figure that completes the pattern in the image given in the question

17.      Which of the following Ven- diagrams best represents the relation among Women, Mothers and Doctors?

AP Excise Constables Model Paper Answers Key:

1.A, 2.B, 3.D, 4.A, 5.A, 6.D, 7.A, 8.D, 9.A, 10.B, 11.A, 12.D, 13.A, 14.D, 15.A, 16.B, 17.A

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