AP TENTH Grades based on Marks|AP SSC Grading Procedure

By | May 3, 2017

AP SSC board has introduced a new grading system without marks from the year 2012. From 2012 onwards SSC board introduced “Nine point relative grading System” to evaluate the student performance. Secondary School Certificate SSC public examination results will be declared only through Grades & Grade Points without marks.

AP SSC Results 2017 with Grades

AP SSC grading system| AP SSC TENTH Class Grades and Grade points are given as like as follows:

A1 Means 550 – 600
A2 Means 499 – 549
B1 Means 448 – 498
B2 Means 397 – 447
C1 Means 346 – 396
C2 Means 295 – 345
D1 Means 245 – 294
D2 Means 195 – 244
E Means 194 and below
WH Means Result With Held for want of information
MP Means Malpractice
CP Means Compartmentally passed
AB Means Absent for all Papers

AP SSC Tenth Class Grades & Grade Points in Curricular Subjects

First & Third Languages (Telugu & English), Non LanguagesSecond Language (Hindi)/ Marks in all languages for PH candidatesGradeGrade Points
91 – 100 Marks90 – 100A110
81 – 90 Marks79 – 89A29
71 – 80 Marks68 – 78B18
61 – 70 Marks57 – 67B27
51 – 60 Marks46 – 56C16
41 – 50 Marks35 – 45C25
35 – 40 Marks20 – 34D4
Below 35 (Less than 35)Below 20 (Less than 20)E

AP SSC Tenth Class Grades & Grade Points in Co-Curricular Areas

Grade RangeGradeGrade Points
85 – 100 MarksA+5
71 – 84 MarksA4
56 – 70 MarksB3
41 – 55 MarksC2
0 – 40 Marksd1

telangan tenth grading system

Example for AP SSC 2017 Grading Procedure based on Marks secured by a student in 10th Class

SubjectMarksGradeGrade Points
First Language- Telugu74B27
Second Language – Hindi74B18
Third Language – English35D23
General Science60C16
Social Studies88A29
Grade Point Average (GPA): 7+8+3+10+6+9 = 43/6 = 7.1
  1. As per G.O.Ms.No.17, dt.14-5-2014, G.O.Ms.No.2, dt.28-8-14 and G.O.Ms. No.10, dt.26-11-14, there are two papers in I Language, III Language and Non-languages subjects. Summative Assessment (SA) is conducted for each paper for 40 Marks.
  2. In II Language there is only one paper and SA is conducted for 80 marks.
  3. The average of four Internal Assessments conducted by the school in each subject in the academic year is accounted as 20% of marks under Formative Assessment (FA).
  4. 35% is the Pass Marks for all the subjects. However, the candidates must secure at least 28 marks out of 80 marks in I language, III Language and Non-languages in Summative Assessment (SA) to pass in every subject.
  5. 20% is the pass marks for II Language. However, the candidates must secure at least 16 marks out of 80 in Summative Assessment (SA) to pass in II Language.
  6. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the arithmetic average of subject wise Grade Points.

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    if someone fail in any subject of ssc 2015 he should write supplementary after 3year. then, he can join the college in 2015 in month of june yes or no

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