APSPDCL AE Electrical Syllabus& Exam Pattern

By | August 29, 2014

APSPDCL Assistant Engineer AE Electrical

Duration of the test is 2hrs (120 minutes)

The question paper consists of 100 multiple choice questions

Minimum qualifying marks in APSPDCL written test: OC – 40%, BC – 35%, SC/ST – 30%, PH – 30%

Click here for APSPDCL Assistant Engineer Syllabus – Electrical

APSPDCL Assistant Engineer AE Electrical Sample Question Paper & Answers 

1. The connection used for 11Kv/440V distribution transformer is

A. Delta-delta B. Star-delta C. Delta-star D. Star-star

2. In short circuit test of transformer iron losses are neglected because

A) mutual flux is small B) copper losses are high C) secondary current is small D) primary current is small

3. The rating of lightning arrestor used for protection of 132KV transformer is

A) 132 kv, 5kA B) 120 kv, 10KA C) 120 kv, 5kA D) 76.2 kv, 10kA

4. The speed time curve used for main line transaction is

A) trapezoidal B) triangular C) quadrilateral D) rectangular

5. A digital-to-analog converter with a full-scale output voltage of 3.5 V has a resolution close to 14m V. Its bit size is

A) 4 B) 8 C) 16 D) 32

6. The low  voltage  winding of a 400/230V,single  phase  50 hz transform er is to  be  connected t o a 25hz, the supply  voltage  should be

A) 50V B) 20V C) 115V D) 225V

7. The form factor for sinusoidal waveform is

1) 1 .00 2) 1.11 3) 1.732 4) 2.2

8. The rotor resistance and reactance of a three-phase induction motor is 0.2 ohm and 2 ohm respectively.  The per unit slip corresponding to maximum torque is equal to

1)  9.02 2) 0 .01 3) 0.1 4) 0.2

9.   Load factor is defined as the ratio of

1) Average power demand to maximum power deamand 2) Minimum power demand to maximum power deamand 3) Maxi mum power demand to minimum power deamand 4) Average power demand to minimum power deamand

10. The unit of luminous flu x is

1)  Lux 2) candle power 3) metre cancle      4) lumen

11. For 1 32 KV transmission line, the insulators commonly used are

1)  Strain type    2) Pint type     3) Suspension type   4) Shackle type

12. The insulation strength of an EHV transmission line is mainly governed by

A) load power factor B) switching over-voltages C) harmonics D) corona

13.   A 400/100V, 10KVA two winding transformer is re connected as an auto transformer is re connected as an auto transformer across a suit able voltage source. The maximum rating of such an arrangement could be

A) 50 KVA B) 150 KVA C) 550 KVA D) 750 KVA

14. For the equation x(t)+3 x(t) +2x(t) = 5, the solution x (t) approaches which of  the following values as t tends to infinity ?

A) 0 B) 5 C) 25 D) 10

15. In a transformer the voltage regulation will be zero when it operates at

(A)  unity p.f. (B)  leading p.f. (C)  lagging p.f. (D)  zero p.f. leading.

 Ans: B

APSPDCL Assistant Engineer Answer Keys

1.C 2.A 3.B 4.A 5.B 6.C 12.B 13.A 14.B 15.B

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