CIL Management Trainee 2012 Solved Sample Question Paper

By | August 13, 2012

English Language

Q1: Find out the correct meaning of idiomatic expression among the given options To cry wolf

A.    To give false alarm

B.     To shout vehemently

C.     To turn pale

D.    To listen eagerly

Correct Answer: C

Q2: Choose the option which is the closest antonym of given word POLEMIC –

A.     Friendship

B.      Amity

C.      Cooperation

D.     Agreement

Correct Answer: C

General Knowledge

Q1: Which one of the following Prime Ministers of India has not presented the budget?

A.     Jawaharlal Nehru

B.      Morarji Desai

C.      Indira Gandhi

D.     All had presented the budget

Correct Answer: B

Q2: One of modern India’s biggest schemes – Unique Identification Number has been named as

A.     Sweekar

B.      Aadhar

C.      Alaya

D.     Parichay

Correct Answer: B

Reasoning/ Quantitative Aptitude

Q1: D is sister of F. M is brother of D and son of T. R is wife of T. How is F related to T?

A.     Son

B.     Daughter

C.     Son or Daughter

D.     Data inadequate

Correct Answer: C

Q2: If the ratio of two natural numbers x and y is ‘a’ and that of y and x is ‘b’, then what is the

value of (a+b)?

A.     Equal to 1

B.     Lesser than 1

C.     Lesser than 2

D.     Greater than or equal to 2

Correct Answer: D


01 Mining

Q1: Run away switch is used in connection with

E.   Direct rope Haulage

F.   Endless Haulage

G.   Gravity Haulage

H.  Tail rope Haulage

Correct Answer: A

Q2: Side Discharge Loader is a

A.  Crawler mounted machine

B.   Tyre mounted machine

C.   Both A and B

D.  Rail mounted machine

Correct Answer: A

02 Mechanical Engineering

1.   The relation between the number of pairs (p) forming a kinematic chain and the number of links (k) is given by

A.  K = p = 1

B.   K= 2p – 2

C.   K = 2p – 3

D.  K = 2p ‐4

Correct Answer: A

2.   Hartnell  governor is a

A. Pendulum type governor

B. Inertia type governor

C. Spring loaded type governor

D. Dead weight type governor

Correct Answer: C

03 Electrical Engineering

Q1: The Function of Shunt in an Ammeter is

A.  To bypass the current

B.   To increase the Resistance of the meter

C.   To decrease the voltage drop

D.  To increase the current in the meter coil

Correct Answer: A

Q2: In a synchronous alternator, the armature reaction is solely determined by

A.  Power factor of the load

B.  Amount of current drawn from the alternator

C.  Speed of the prime mover driving the alternator

D.  Excitation voltage

Correct Answer: A

04 Civil Engineering

Q1: A first class brick immersed in water for 24 hours, should not absorb water more than

A.  5%

B.   10%

C.  20%

D.  25%

Correct Answer: C

Q2: Pelton wheel is a turbine with

A.  Axial flow

B.  Radial flow

C.  Mixed flow

D.  Tangential flow

Correct Answer: D

05 Chemical /Mineral

Q1 : Consider the following reactions:

1. Knoevenagel condensation

2. Cannizzaro reaction

3. Benzoin condensation

4. Perkin reaction

The reactions used for the synthesis of α,β‐unsaturated carboxylic acids include

A. 1 AND 3

B.  1 AND 4

C.  1, 2 AND 3

D.  1,2,3 AND 4

Correct Answer: B

06 Industrial Engineering

Q1: Zero inventory system (ZIT) is similar to the conventional

A.   Batch shop procedures

B.  Job shop or make‐to‐ order procedure

C.  Flow shop procedures

D.  Machine shop procedures

Correct Answer:  B

Q2: Panel consensus is based on the assumption that

A.  Several experts can arrive at a better forecast than one person

B.  Minimize  the biases in the subjective methods

C.   The collection of information is gathered from a representative sample

D.   The forecast is done on an adhoc basis

Correct Answer: A

07 Environment

Q1: The BOD removal in an oxidation pond may be up to

A. 100%

B. 97%

C. 94%

D. 90%

Correct Answer: D

Q2: When Chloride is added to sewage both at the beginning as well as at the end of the treatment process, the phenomenon is called:

A.  Post chlorination

B.  Super chlorination

C.  Split chlorination

D.  None of these

Correct Answer: C

08 Electronics and Telecommunications

Q1: A Zenor Diode is invariably used with

A.  Forward bias

B.  Reverse bias

C.  Zero bias

D.  Either of A or C

Correct Answer:  B

Q2: Which one of the following is not a semiconductor?

A.  Diamond

B.  Galtium‐Arsenide

C.  Silicon

D.  Germanium

Correct Answer:  A

09 Systems

Q1: Which one of the following is not correct?

A.  FTP – File Transfer Protocol

B.  HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

C.  UDP – User Datagram Protocol

D.  IMAP – Internet Message Account Protocol

Correct Answer: D

Q2: Which of the following is never a part of Black Box Testing?

A.  Boundary Value Analysis

B.  Static Testing

C.  Equivalence Partitioning

D.  Specification Based Testing

Correct Answer: B


Q1: The most abundant element in the earth’s crust is

A. Sodium

B. Potassium

C. Oxygen

D. Silicon

Correct Answer: C

Q2: Which of the following energy sources dose not come originally from the sum

A. Wind

B. Ocean thermal energy conversion

C. Geothermal

D. Hydroelectric

Correct Answer:  C


Q1:  FIR stands for

A. Fact  Information Report

B. Further Information Report

C. Frequent Information Report

D. First Information report

Correct Answer:  D

Q2:  Ignorance of law is

A. Not an excuse in Indian Law

B. Is an excuse in Indian Law

C. No such legal principle is followed in Indian Law

D. Partly an excuse in Indian Law

Correct Answer:  A

12 Materials  Management

Q1: The MODVAT is a part of the

A. Central  Excise law

B. Sales tax law

C. Purchase law

D. Value added law

Correct Answer: A

Q2: Panel consensus is based on the assumption that

A. Several experts can arrive at a better forecast than one person

B. Minimize the biases in the subjective methods

C. The collection of information is gathered from a representative sample

D. The forecast is done on an adhoc basis

Correct Answer: A

13 Sales & Marketing

Q1: What is one of the different marketing strategies towards Market Segmentation?

A.  Undifferentiated

B.  Differentiated

C.  Concentrated

D.  All of these

Correct Answer: D

Q2: In which pricing strategy producer set a high introductory price for their product?

A.  Penetration pricing

B.  Price skimming

C.  Single price policy

D.  None of these

Correct Answer: B

14 Personnel/HR

Q1: Which one of the following is not a valid Wage Theory?

A.  The Just Wage Theory

B.  Subsistence Theory

C.  Standard of Living Theory

D.  Best Wage Theory

Correct Answer: D

Q2: Which one of the following would qualify to be a strategic HRM activity?

A.  Administer Wage & Salary Programmes

B.  Prepare Staffing Plans

C.  Determine the level & type of Performance that is crucial for firm’s growth

D.  Use specific job skill training

Correct Answer: C

15 Finance

Q1: Under the diminishing balance method, depreciation is calculated on

A.  The Scrap Value

B.  The Original Cost

C.  Book Value

D.  Sale Price

Correct Answer: C

Q2: A Project is not acceptable for finance if its

A.  BEP is high

B.  IRR is higher than the cost of capital

C.  NAP is positive

D.  NPV is negative

Correct Answer: D

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