Highest runs in ODI| Most Sixes in ODI| ODI World Records

By | December 18, 2018

Highest Total by a Team in ODI| Most Runs By A Team in ODI – ODI World Records

TeamScoreOppositionMatch Date
England481/6v Australia19 Jun 2018
England444/3v Pakistan30 Aug 2016
Sri Lanka443/9v Netherlands4 Jul 2006
South Africa439/2v West Indies18 Jan 2015
South Africa438/9v Australia12 Mar 2006
South Africa438/4v India25 Oct 2015
Australia434/4v South Africa12 Mar 2006
South Africa418/5v Zimbabwe20 Sep 2006
India418/5v West Indies8 Dec 2011
Australia417/6v Afghanistan4 Mar 2015
India414/7v Sri Lanka15 Dec 2009
India413/5v Bermuda19 Mar 2007
Sri Lanka411/8v India15 Dec 2009
South Africa411/4v Ireland3 Mar 2015
South Africa408/5v West Indies27 Feb 2015
England408/9v New Zealand9 Jun 2015
India404/5v Sri Lanka13 Nov 2014
New Zealand402/2v Ireland1 Jul 2008
India401/3v South Africa24 Feb 2010

Highest Runs by a batsman in ODI| Most Runs Scored by a batsman in ODI – ODI World Records

Highest Runs in ODI










PlayerRunsOppositionMatch Date
RG Sharma264v Sri Lanka13 Nov 2014
MJ Guptill237*v West Indies21 Mar 2015
V Sehwag219v West Indies8 Dec 2011
CH Gayle215v Zimbabwe24 Feb 2015
Fakhar Zaman210*v Zimbabwe20 Jul 2018
RG Sharma209v Australia2 Nov 2013
RG Sharma208*v Sri Lanka13 Dec 2017
SR Tendulkar200*v South Africa24 Feb 2010
CK Coventry194*v Bangladesh16 Aug 2009
Saeed Anwar194v India21 May 1997

Highest Total by India in ODI| Most Runs By India in ODI – ODI World Records

ScoreOppositionGroundMatch Date
418/5v West IndiesIndore8 Dec 2011
414/7v Sri LankaRajkot15 Dec 2009
413/5v BermudaPort of Spain19 Mar 2007
404/5v Sri LankaKolkata13 Nov 2014
401/3v South AfricaGwalior24 Feb 2010

Highest Score by India in ODI

Most Sixes by a batsman in ODI| Highest sixes in ODI by an Individual – ODI World Records

PlayerRuns4s6sGroundMatch Date
RG Sharma2091216Bengaluru2 Nov 2013
AB de Villiers149916Johannesburg18 Jan 2015
CH Gayle2151016Canberra24 Feb 2015
SR Watson185*1515Dhaka11 Apr 2011
CJ Anderson131*614Queenstown1 Jan 2014
XM Marshall157*1112King City (NW)22 Aug 2008
RG Sharma208*1312Mohali13 Dec 2017

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