HPCL Officer Trainee (Engineering) Model Question Paper 2012

By | August 11, 2012

GENERAL APTITUDE  (Common for all Positions) 

1) A farmer used 1034 acres of land for growing rice, wheat and corn in the ratio of 5:2:4 respectively. How many acres were used for growing corn?

 A) 188 acres   B) 258 acres   C) 376 acres   D) 470 acres

  2) How many times should the keys of a keyboard be pressed in order to type the first 300 counting numbers? (i.e. to type 1, 2, 3 … 300)

A) 362    B) 1448    C) 1504    D) 792

3) The more she learnt _______ the American Civil War, the more fascinated she became.

A) About   B) From    C) Off    D) With


4) What is the maximum pitch in any type of stairs?

A) 42 degrees   B) 25 degrees   C) 60 degrees   D) 30 degrees

5) In the time cost optimization, using CPM method for network analysis, the crashing of the activities along the critical path is done starting with the activity that shows which of the following characteristics?

 A) Shortest duration B) Highest cost slope C) Longest duration D) Least cost slope

 6) What is the depth of flow for maximum velocity in a circular channel section with diameter equal to 1.5m?

 A) 1.215m   B) 1.065m   C) 1.425m   D) 0.75m


4) What is the phenomenon of emf development between two different metals placed in contact known as?  A) Seeback effect B) Thomson effect C) Peltier effect   D) Thermocouple effect

5) Define the gross head in a turbine installation.

 A) The difference of level between the head race and the tail race

B) The difference of level between the reservoir and downstream

C) The difference of head between axis of turbine to discharge stream level

D) The head is actually used in developing power

6) Which of the following bearings will have the least coefficient of friction?

 A) Self aligning bearing B) Cylindrical roller bearing C) Thrust ball bearing D) Tapered bearing


4) Octave frequency (the interval between two sounds) is specified by which of the following expressions?

5) A load draws 10ø power from a 10V source and is carrying a current of 10A. What is the power factor?  A) Unity    B) 0.1    C) 0.01    D) 0.001

 6) What is the time constant of an RC series circuit?

 A) R/C    B) C/R    C) 1/RC    D) RC


4) Why are quartz crystal oscillators popularly used?

A) High Q and high frequency stability   B) Low Q and high frequency stability C) Low Q and large output power    D) High Q and large output power

5) Which of the following represents the valid integer number in ‘C’?

 A) 1500    B) 1.1    C) 2-5    D) 0.123

6) How does the resistance of a circular conductor behave, if the diameter of the conductor is halved?

 A) Remains unchanged B) Doubles   C) Becomes 4 times D) Becomes one -fourth


 4) The specific reaction rate constant of a first order reaction k = 0.01. What is the time required for 60% conversion in a batch reactor?    [Note: ln 0.4 = – 0.67]

A) 37 minutes   B) 47 minutes   C) 57 minutes   D) 67 minutes

 5)  A cold fluid flowing on inner pipe of a DPHE is heated from 32.5 to 750C by steam condensing on the outer pipe at 1000C. What is Log Mean Temperature Difference, LMTD?   [Note: ln 2.7 = 1]

 A) 52.50C   B) 42.50C   C) 32.50C   D) 67.50C

6) Pillows and mattresses belong to which category of plastics/ polymers?

A) Foamed plastics B) Thermosetting plastics C) Synthetic polymers D) Ladder polymers


 4)  The effect of atmospheric noise is most significant in which of the following ranges?  A)  Below 30MHz     B)  From 30MHz to 300MHz  C)  From 300MHz to 3000 MHz    D)  Above 3000 MHz

5)  Unity feedback closed loop second order system has a transfer function 81/(s2+0.6s+9) and is excited by a step input of 10 units. What is the steady state error of the output?

A) 10    B) 0    C) 1 D) 0.1

6)  Consider the analog signal xa(t)=3cos50 t+10sin300 t-cos100 t. What is the value of Fn?

A)   Fn =300Hz   B)  Fn =400Hz   C)  Fn =100Hz   D)  Fn =200Hz

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