Hyderabad Traffic system| Hyd Live Traffic Updates & Alternate Routes

By | July 13, 2011

Hyderabad Traffic Police system:

Hyderabad Traffic Police now providing the Traffic Reports in its official website for the City motorists. So, people can easily follow the Traffic updates and save their Time.

SMS Traffic problems to 9010 100 100

Hyderabad Traffic Police Official website: http://htp.gov.in/

Official Website of Hyderabad Police: http://www.hyderabadpolice.gov.in/

Hyderabad Traffic Alerts| Hyd Live Traffic updates:

Hyderabad Live Traffic updates are available in Hyderabad Traffic Police websites. It will be updated for every 5 Minutes. Check traffic reports before you leave. It is a way to avoid the Traffic Jam Problems which we face every day.

When you stuck in Traffic Jam, you need to select Traffic Jam point so that you will get the Alternate Route all over the city.

Click here for Alternate Routes in Hyderabad

Click here for All Traffic Police Stations in Twin cities

One thought on “Hyderabad Traffic system| Hyd Live Traffic Updates & Alternate Routes

  1. S.Srinivas Rao

    Dear Sir,
    On first January I observed 3 to 4 cars wheel locked by the traffic van for parking at NO PARKING place.When the actual owner came and observed the wheel lock of traffic police,he was searching for the police van to pay the fine.He dontknow which traffic police licked the car. He waited and took his old mother by AUTO, again he came and paid the challan and took the vehicle.

    To avoide such problems why dont the traffic police prefix a paper on the car mentioning to which contact number he has to contact for release of the vehicle after paying penality.Please think and implement.


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