Intelligence Bureau ACIO Model Question Paper & Answers Key 2012

By | August 9, 2012

Intelligence  Bureau ACIO 2012 written exam is scheduled to be held on 23.09.2012 (1000 Hrs to 1200 Hrs) for the recruitment of 750 Assistant  Central  Intelligence Officer,  Grade  II/Executive,  General  Central  Service,  Group–C (Non-Gazetted/Non-Ministerial)  in  the  Intelligence  Bureau, (Ministry of Home Affairs), Government of India.

Intelligence Bureau ACIO Model Question Paper & Answers Keys are given below. Candidates can check IB ACIO Sample Question Paper from the following.


This test is designed to measure your awareness about the past and present events.

Q.1. The United States Patent Office has given a patent to a Texan Company for selling some varieties of –––

(1) Basmati rice (2) Turmeric (3) Papaya (4) Neem (5) Grapes

Q.2. Which of the following sectors contributes maximum in deciding the growth in income of the states in India?

(1) Energy (2) Tourism (3) Service (4) Transport (5) Agriculture

Q.3. Which of the following is the state where the number of people living below poverty line is maximum

(1) Bihar (2) Andhra Pradesh (3) Uttar Pradesh (4) Rajasthan (5) Orissa

Q.4. OSCAR awards are given for best performance in which of the following field?

(1) Motion Picture (2) Literature (3) Sports (4) Science & Technology (5) Social Service

Q.5. To combat the menace of money laundering, which of the following financial institutions has introduced the ‘Know Your Customer’ Scheme?

(1) IDBI (2) RBI (3) NABARD 4) SIDBI (5) None of these


Q.6. Among the following who received ‘Bharat Ratna’ award ?

(1) Aruna Asaf Ali (2) Lata Mangashkar (3) M.S.Subbulakshmi (4) A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (5) All the above

Q.7. Among the following who received ‘Jnanpith’ award ?

(1) Indira Goswami (2) Amrita Pritam (3) Ashapurna Devi (4) Mahasweta Devi (5) All the above

Q.8. First woman Chief Minister of India

(1) Nandini Satpathy (2) Shashikala Kakodkar (3) Sucheta Kripalani (4) Syeda Anwara Taimur (5) Janaki Ramachandran

Q9. In Interim Government (1946) of India, Member for Education and Arts was?

(1) C.Rajagopalachari (2) John Mathai (3) J.N.Mandel (4) Jagjivan Ram (5) N.Gopalaswami Ayyangar

Q.10. Which state Chief Minister’s wife was recently elected unanimously to the Lok Sabha ?

(1) Rajasthan (2)  Bihar (3) Uttarakhand (4) Gujarat (5) Uttar Pradesh

Q.11. Author of the book ‘The Struggle Is My life’

(1) Mandela (2) Tilak (3) Nehru (4) Ban Ki-Moon (5) Indira Gandhi

Q.12. Hooke’s law is associated with

(1) Fluid Pressure (2) Radioactivity (3) Elasticity (4) Velocity (5) None of the above

Q.13. Super-cooled liquid is

(1) Teflon (2) Glass (3) Ice Cream (4) Mercury (5) Gelly

Q.14. Strong Earthquakes recorded since 2000 include

(1) 26-12-2004 (Indonesia) (2) 25-3-2005 (Indonesia) (3) 11-3-2011 (Japan) (4) 01-12-2010 (Haiti) (5) All the above

Q.15. Number of villages covered by 2011 census in India

(1) 636588 (2) 622867 (3) 638588 (4) 640867 (5) 616674


This is a test to see how well you ‘know’ English. Your English language ability would be tested through questions on grammar, vocabulary, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, comprehension of a passage, etc. Study and answer the sample questions given below. Please remember, in the test paper there may be questions of several other types also.

Direction: Pick out the most appropriate word from amongst the words given below each sentence to complete it meaningfully.

Q.16. He quickly glanced  ………………………… the book to find what it said about the Indian economy.

(1)   at (2)   through (3)   in (4)   to (5)   over

The answer is “through” which is option no (2).

Q.17. The counsel urged the court to ……………………… down the obnoxious law.

(1)  enact   (2)   enforce (3)   cancel (4)   strike (5)   declare

Q.18. The local official ……………………… the Minister of the situation.

(1)  explained   (2)   warned (3)   apprised (4)   told (5)   intimated

********There will be Descriptive type examination in English language*****

Directions: Read each sentence given below to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it.  The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part of the sentence is your answer. If there is no error, the answer is ‘5’. (Ignore errors of punctuations, if any)

Q.19. 1. I am twenty  / 2. two years old / 3. when I first  / 4. joined the bank. 5.No error

The error is in (1).  Therefore the answer is ‘1’.

Q.20. 1. To the Hindus  / 2. the Ganga is  / 3. holier than  / 4. any other river. 5. No error

In this question, there is no error; Hence the right answer   to this question is ‘5’.

Q.21. 1. Of all the teachers  / 2. in our school  / 3. our class teacher  / 4. were very strict. 5. No error

Q.22. 1. I was just going / 2. to start my car / 3. when I found that / 4. there is no petrol in it.  5. No error

Directions: In each of the following questions select from amongst the five alternatives, the word nearest in meaning of the word given in capitals.


(1) a guard (2) a hundred years (3) a very old man (4) hundred runs (5) hundredth anniversary

Q.24. TRIUMPH (1) conquer (2) smash (3) earn (4) brave (5) capture

Directions: In each of the following questions, select from amongst the five alternatives, the word most opposite in meaning of the word given in capitals.

Q.25. LIVELY (1) simple (2) weak (3) dull (4) angry (5) moron

Q.26. INADVERTENT (1) adequate (2) available (3) sluggish (4) negligent (5) intentional


Reasoning Ability

This is a test to see how well you can think.  It contains questions of various kinds. Here are some sample questions.

Q.27. Some leaders are dishonest.  Satyapriya is a leader.  Which of the following inferences definitely follows from these two statements ?

(1)  Satyapriya is honest (2)  Satyapriya is dishonest (3)  Some leaders are honest (4)  Leaders are generally dishonest (5)  Satyapriya is sometimes dishonest

Directions: In each of the following questions, there is a group of letters or words given.  Four of the five are alike in a certain way, while one is different.  Find out the one which is different.

Q.28. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group ?

(1)  Red (2)  Black (3)  Green (4)  Colour (5)  Yellow

Of the five, ‘Red’, ‘Black’, ‘Green’ and ‘Yellow’ are names of colours. ‘Colour’ is not the name of a colour. Therefore, the answer is ‘Colour’ which is answer No. (4).

Q.29. (1) XZ (2) MN (3) PQ (4) BC (5) ST

Following are the questions based on analogy.

Q.30. Foot is related to Man in the same way as Hoof is related to –.

(1)  Horse (2)  Dog (3)  Shoe (4)  Blacksmith (5)  Saddle

The answer is ‘Horse’ which is answer No. 1

Q.31. “Day” is related to “Night” in the same way as “Kind” is related to –––––

(1)  Cruel (2) Bright (3) Dark (4) Generous (5) Gratitude

Q.32. If the letters in the word TOPS can be rearranged to form a meaningful word beginning with O, give the last letter of that word, as your answer. If more than one such word can be formed give M as your answer and if no such word can be formed give X as your answer

(1)  T (2) P (3) S (4) M (5) X

Mathematical aptitude (Numerical Aptitude)

This test is designed to measure how fast and accurate you are in dealing with numbers, viz. computation, quantitative reasoning, interpretation of tables and graphs.

Directions: In each of the following questions one number is missing. The place where the number is missing is shown by a question mark (?). You have to find out which one of the answers shown against 1, 2, 3 and 4 can replace the question mark. If none of these four can replace the question mark, you will indicate (5) i.e. ‘None of these’ as your answer.

Q.33. 42 + 73 + 137 =?

(1)  352 (2) 252 (3)   242 (4) 142 (5) None of these

Q.34.20 × (1/ 2) =?

(1)  4 (2) 5 (3) 12 (4) 20 (5) None of these

The correct answer for Q. 6 is 10. But none of the 1, 2, 3, or 4 shows this answer. Therefore your answer is 5.

Some of the questions may require arithmetical reasoning. For example :

Q.35. At 10 paise each, how many paise will 6 lemons cost?

(1) 6 (2) 10 (3) 60 (4) 61 (5) 610

Q.36. which of the following can be exact multiple of 4?

(1)  27114 (2) 58204 (3) 48402 (4) 32286 (5) None of these

Q.37. if the profit made by selling a pen for Rs.10 is as much as its cost, what is the cost price of the pen?

(1)  Rs.3/- (2) Rs.5/- (3) Rs.10/- (4) Rs.20/- (5) None of these

Also, there may be some questions based on graphs and tables.

Directions: Given below is a table showing percentages out of a total of 700 employees ranking six attributes that help promotion. Rank I is the highest. Study the table carefully and answer questions that follow:

Q.38. which attribute for promotion has received the highest rank?

(1) Perseverance (2) Seniority (3) Honesty (4) Sociability (5) Efficiency

Notice the percentage for rank I given in the table. You observe that seniority is the attribute with the highest percentage. So your answer is “Seniority”, which is answer No. (2).

Q.39. How many employees gave rank III to intelligence?

(1)  119 (2) 98 (3) 77 (4) 70 (5) 10

Look at the intersection of the column giving percentage for rank III and the row giving percentage for intelligence. You find that 10 percent of the 700 employees have given rank III to this attribute. 10% of 700 is 70. So your answer should be (4).

Q.40. which attribute is considered the least important for promotion?

(1) Honesty (2) Intelligence (3) Perseverance (4) Efficiency (5) Sociability

Intelligence Bureau ACIO Answers Key

General awareness Key: 1.1 2.5 3.5 4.1 5.2

General knowledge Key: 6.5 7.5 8.3 9.1 10.5 11.1 12.3 13.2 14.5 15.4

English language Key: 16.2 17.4 18.3 19.1 20.5 21.4 22. 23.5 24.1 25.3 26.5

Reasoning Answer Key: 27.3 28.4 29.1 30.2 31.1 32.4

Mathematical aptitude Key: 33.2 34.5 35.3 36.2 37.2 38.2 39.4 40.2

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