SCCL Management Trainee (F&A) Question Paper& Syllabus

By | March 3, 2020

Singareni Going to conduct written Test for the list of candidates who have qualified for Singareni Management Trainee (F&A) written Test. Here is the Model / Sample Question paper for Management Trainee (F&A).

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SCCL Management Trainee (F&A) written Exam Pattern:

  1. All questions carry equal marks. Every question has FOUR options and only ONE is CORRECT answer.
  2. No. Negative Marks

SCCL Management Trainee (F&A) Model Question Paper 2015

Q1) Which Indian-American won the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition in Maryland, USA, in June 2012? (This is the 5th consecutive win for Indian Americans)

A Stuti Mishra

B Arvind Mahamkali

C Snigdha Nandipati

D None of the above

Q2) Which is India’s highest peacetime gallantry award?

A Param Vir Chakra

B Maha Vir Chakra

C Ashok Chakra

D None of the above

Q3) According to a report on hunger and malnutrition (HUNGaMA), what percent of India’s children are malnourished and underw-eight?

A 42

B 38

C 48

D None of the above

Q4) The proposed National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) will work as an integral part of which of the following agencies?

A Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

B National Investigation Agency (NIA)

C Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)

D None of the above

Q5) Homai Vyarawala passed away recently. She is India’s first woman?

A   Jnanpith award winner

B   Photo journalist

C   Mountaineer

D   None of these

Q6) Sweta can complete a piece of work in 8 hours and Priyanka can complete the same piece of work in 4 hours. How much time will both of them take together (approximately) to complete the same piece of work?

A 2 hours

B 3 hours

C 5 hours

D None of the above

Q7)   X and Y can make a machine in 12 days and Y alone can make it in 48 days. X alone can make the machine in

A 40 days

B 32 days

C 24 days

D None of These

Q8) A can do a piece of work in 10 days and B in 20 days. They work together but 2 days before the completion of the work, A leaves. In how many days was the work completed?

A 6

B 10

C 9

D None of these

Q9) A and B can do a work in 40 and 25 days respectively. They began the work together, but A left after some time and B finished the remaining work in 12 days. After how many days did A leave?

A 6 days

B 8 days

C 10 days

D 12 days

Q10) A can do a piece of work in 36 days, B in 54 days and C in 72 days. All the three began the work together but A left 8 days and B 12 days before the completion of the work. How many days in all did C put in till the entire work was finished?

A 24 days

B 28 days

C 20 days

D 32 days

Directions : In a certain code’a friend of mine ‘is written as ‘4 9 1 6 ‘mine lots of metal’ is written as ‘3 1 0 9 ‘ and’a piece of metal ‘is written as ‘7 1 6 3 ‘?

Q11) What is the code for ‘piece ‘?

A 3 B 2 C 1 D None

Q12) What does ‘9’ stands for?

A Of B mine C friend D lots

Q13) Which of the following may represent ‘a pleasure of mine’?

A 6 3 0 9 B 5 2 1 6 C 9 2 1 6 D 3 6 9 4

Q14) What does ‘0’ stands for?

A Mine B metal C of D lots

Q15) ‘873’ would mean?

A A metal piece B metal for friend C piece of advice D Friend of mine

Q16) A debenture of face value of As. 100 carries a coupon of 15%. If the current yield is 12.5%. What is the current market price ?

  1. a) Rs.100 b) Rs.120 c) Rs.150 d) Rs.125

Q17) A transaction where financial securities are issued against the cash flow generated from a pool of assets is called

  1. a) Securitization b) Credit Default Swaps c) Credit Linked Notes d) Total Return Swaps

Q18) Growth Fund is a mutual fund that

  1. a) assures growth in income b) invests in fixed income securities c) gives fixed return
  2. d) invests primarily in equities

Q19) 12% Government of India security is quoted at Rs.120. If interest rates go down by 1%, the market price of the security will be…..

  1. a) Rs. 120 b) Rs.133.3 c) Rs. 109 d) Rs. 140

Q20) Premature payment of a term loan will result in interest rate risk of type

  1. a) Basis risk b) Yield curve risk c) Embedded option risk d) Mismatch risk

Q21) 9% Government of India security is quoted at Rs.120. The current yield on the security will be –

  1. a) 12% b) 9% c) 7.5% d) 13.3%

Q22) A scheme of mutual fund has units with face value of Rs.10 and NAV of Rs.37. The Fund declares a dividend of 35% in the scheme. The ex-dividend NAV will be ——- per unit.

  1. a) Rs.37 b) Rs.2 c) Rs.33.50 d) Rs.35.5

Q23) The amount in unpaid dividend accounts of companies shall be transferred to the

(a)Dividend Equalisation Reserve of the company, (b)Investor Education and Protection fund, (c) Investor Protection Fund, (d) General Revenue Account of the Central Government

Q24). …..funds do not have a fixed date of redemption.

(a) Open ended funds, (b)Close ended funds, (c)Diversified funds, (d) Both A and B.

Q25) In India, NIFTY and SENSEX are calculated on the basis of

(a) Market Capitalization, (b)Paid up Capital, (c) Free-float Capitalization, (d) Authorized Share Capital

Q26). Which of the following is working as demutualized stock exchange since from beginning?

(a)NSE, (b)BSE, (c)DSE, (d)All of the above

Q27) Basic objective of a money market mutual fund is

(a) Guaranteed rate of return, (b) Investment in short-term securities, (c)Both (a) and (b), (d) None of (a) and (b)

Q28) Assets Management company is formed

(a) To manage bank’s assets, (b) To manage mutual funds investments, (c) To construct infrastructure projects (d) To run a stock exchange

Q29) Price of one currency in terms of another currency is knows as

(a)Exchange Rate, (b)Direct Route, (c)Ask Price, (d)Any of the above

Q30) If the spot rate of $ in Mumbai is Rs. 45.50 and 1 month forward rate is ? 45.65, then which is correct for forward market?

(a)That $ is at premium, (b)That $ is at discount, (c)Rupee is at premium, (d)None of the above

Q31) Under the provisions of AS-19 ‘Leases’, a leased asset is shown is the balance sheet of

(a)Manufacturer, (b)Lessor, (c)Lessee, (d Financing bank

Q32) In India, Commercial Papers are issued as per the lines issued by

(a) Securities and Exchange Board of India, (b)Reserve Bank of India, (c)Forward Market Commission, (d)None of the above.

Q33) EOQ is the quantity that minimizes

(a)Total Ordering Cost, (b)Total Inventory Cost, (c)Total Interest Cost, (d)Safety Stock Level.

Q34) In ABC inventory management system, class A items may require

(a)Higher Safety Stock, (b)Frequent Deliveries, (c)Periodic Inventory system, (d)Updating of inventory records

Q35) If the average balance of debtors has increased, which of the following might not show a change in general?

(a)Total Sales, (b)Average Payables, (c)Current Ratio, (d)Bad Debt loss.

Q36) Cash Discount term 3/15, net 40 means

(a) 3% Discount if payment in 15 days, otherwise full payment in 40 days, (b) 15% Discount if payment in 3 days, otherwise full payment 40 days, (c) 3% Interest if payment made in 40 days and 15%, (d) none of the above.

Q37)Dividend Payout Ratio is

(a) PATö Capital, (b) DPS ö EPS, (c) Pref. Dividend ö PAT, (d) Pref. Dividend ö Equity Dividend

Q38)Financial Planning deals with: (a) Preparation of Financial Statements, (b) Planning for a Capital Issue, (c) Preparing Budgets,

(d) All of the above.

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