Telangana SI Indian History Question Paper 2016

By | April 19, 2016

Telangana SI Indian History Question Paper 2016. Telangana SI preliminary Exam was held on 17th April 2016. Telangana SI Question paper & answer key available at TSLPRB official website. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TSLPRB Sub inspector Preliminary Written Test paper. Candidates can get the Telangana SI Indian History Paper Questions& Answers now.  Telangana State Level Police Recruitment Board (TSLPRB) conducted Telangana SI PWT Exam. Following Questions are the Indian History Questions asked in Telangana SI Preliminary Written Test 2016.

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Telangana SI Question Paper 2016-Indian History

History of India – emphasis will be on broad general understanding of the subject in its social, economic, cultural and political aspects. Indian National Movement.

Jorwe’ culture belongs to

(1)   Chalcolithic phase

(2)    Megalithic phase

(3)    Mesolithic phase

(4)   Iron age

ANS: 1

Identify the wrong pair

(1)   Aryabhatta—Aryabhatiya

(2)   Brahmagupta—Kandakadyaka

(3)   Varahamihira—Brihatsamhita

(4)   Bhaskara—Panchasiddantika

ANS: 4

Who among the following tribes live in the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands ?

(1)   Apatani

(2)   Munda

(3)   Santhal

(4) Jarawa

ANS: 4

Which of  the  following  statements  is  wrong  ?

(1)   The  founder  of  Madyamika  School  of  Mahayana  Buddhism  was Acharya  Nagarjuna

(2)   Yogachara  School  of  Mahayana  Buddhism  was  founded  by  Maitreyanatha

(3)   Aryadeva  and  Buddhapalitha  were  the  followers  of  Madyamika  School  of  Mahayana Buddhism

(4)   Shantideva  and  Chandrakirti  were  the  followers  of  Yogachara  School  of  Mahayana Buddhism

ANS: 4

Which of the following statements is not correct about the Rigveda ?

(1)   Rigveda mentions Varna

(2)   Slavery was not mentioned in Rigveda

(3)   Sabha the assembly was mentioned in Rigveda

(4)   Rajan occurs many times in Rigveda

ANS: 2

Which animal figure is not found on the so called ‘ Pashupati’ seal discovered at Mohenjodaro ?

(1)   Elephant

(2)   Lion

(3)   Tiger

(4) Rhino

ANS: 2

According to ‘Arthashastra’ the state is constituent of ‘Saptanga’. Identify the correct one.

(1)   Svami, amatya, janapada, durga, kosha, danda and dharma

(2)   Svami, janapada, durga, kosha, danda, mitra and kshatra

(3)   Svami, amatya, janapada, durga, kosha, danda and  mitra

(4)   Svami, amatya, thataka, durga, kosha, danda and mitra

ANS: 3

Name the Delhi Sultan who called himself the ‘Shadow of God’.

(1)   Balban

(2)   Alauddin Khilji

(3)   Mohd. Bin Tughlaq

(4)   Firoz Shah Tughla

ANS: 1

Warren Hastings’ experiment of auctioning the right  to collect revenue to the highest bidder is almost similar to

(1)   Poligar System of Vijayanagaras

(2)   Iqta System of Delhi Sultanate

(3)   Jagir System of Mughals

(4)   Izara System of Mughals

ANS: 4

The Indian member in Viceroy Legislative Council who resigned in protest against Rowlatt Bills in 1919

(1)   Tej Bahadur Sapru

(2)   B.D. Sukul

(3)   M.R. Jayakar

(4)   G.S. Kaparde

ANS: 2

Who among the following Presidents of India was associated with the Trade Union Movement in India ?

(1)   V.V. Giri

(2)   N. Sanjeeva Reddy

(3)   Zakir Hussain

(4)   R. Venkatraman

ANS: 1

Telangana SI Preliminary Written Test Syllabus

Candidates  shall  be  required  to  appear  for  the  Preliminary  Written  Test  in  one  paper  (three  hours  duration)  as  given

Maximum Marks- 200 Marks

Total Number of Questions – 200 (Objective in nature).

Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning / Mental Ability (100 Questions)

General Studies (100 Questions)

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