Telangana SI Telangana Movement Question Paper 2016

By | April 19, 2016

Telangana SI Telangana Movement Question Paper 2016. Telangana SI preliminary Exam was held on 17th April 2016. Telangana SI Question paper & answer key available at TSLPRB official website. Here we are providing some of the questions asked in TSLPRB Sub inspector Preliminary Written Test paper. Candidates can get the Telangana SI Telangana Movement Paper Questions& Answers now.  Telangana State Level Police Recruitment Board (TSLPRB) conducted Telangana SI PWT Exam. Following Questions are the Telangana Movement Questions asked in Telangana SI Preliminary Written Test 2016.

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Telangana SI Question Paper 2016-Telangana Movement

Telangana Movement and  State    Formation    –  The  idea  of  Telangana  (1948-1970), Mobilization phase (1971-1990), towards formation of Telangana State (1991-2014).

Name the leader, who presided over ‘Telugu Bhasha Samithi’ meeting in July 1955 and asserted that “Culturally Vishalandra was already a reality”.

(1)   Konda Venkat Ranga Reddy

(2)   Burgula Ramakrishna Rao

(3)   Madapati Hanumanth Rao

(4)   Mandumula Narsing Rao

ANS: 1

To  oppose  Sanjeeva  Reddy  ministry  in  1963  who  said “Andhra  Government,  seem  to  be  a Government of the Reddys, for the Reddys and by the Reddys” ?

(1)   T.N. Sadalakshmi

(2)   Konda Laxman Bapuji

(3)   S. Nagappa

(4)   K. Rajamallu

ANS: 3

Before the States Re-organisation Commission many leaders expressed the opinion that the merger of an advanced region like Andhra with a backward region Hyderabad State would lead to

(1)   Backwardness

(2)   Development

(3)   Disintegration

(4)   Internal colonization

ANS: 4

Which one of the following statements is not correct ?

(1)   According to Gentlemen agreement, future recruitment to services will be on the basis of population from both sides.

(2)   G.O. 610 was issued to rectify the lapses in implementing the Presidential order and injustice meted out to Telangana people.

(3)   According to the Gentlemen agreement the Cabinet  will consist of members in proportion of 50 : 50 for Andhra and Telangana respectively.

(4)   In 1953 the Government of India constituted State Re-organisation Commission under the Chairmanship of Justice Fazal Ali.

ANS: 3

Who was the editor of Telugu version of ‘Meezan’ newspaper ?

(1)   Madiraju Koteshwar Rao

(2)   Dasharati Rangacharya

(3)   Devulapally Ramanuja Rao

(4)   Adavi Bapi Raju

ANS: 4

The Government of India appointed a committee under  the Chairmanship of A.K. Anthony to  look  into  the  issues  concerning  the  proposed  division  of  Andhra  Pradesh  State  and  to workout  the modalities  related  to  the  division.  The  members  of  the  committee  are

(1)   Digvijaya  Singh, Ahmed  Patel  and  Mallikarjuna  Kharge

(2)   Digvijaya  Singh,  Veerappa  Moily  and  Gulam  Nabi Azad

(3)   Digvijaya  Singh,  Veerappa  Moily  and Ahmed  Patel

(4)   Digvijaya  Singh,  Ahmed  Patel  and  P.  Chidambaram

ANS: 3

The limited safeguards of employment under mulki would remain in operation in the Telangana Region  upto  the  end  of  December  1980.  In  the  case  of  Hyderabad  and  Secunderabad  these safeguards would continue only upto the end of December 1977. According to

(1)   Six Point Formula

(2)   Eight Point Formula

(3)   All Party Accord

(4)   Five Point Formula

ANS: 4

Which one of the statements is not correct ?

(1)   Article 371-‘D’ facilitated for the Zonal system in Andhra Pradesh.

(2)   Jayabharat Reddy Committee was appointed in 1984 to enquire into the irregularities under the six point formula and Presidential order.

(3)   Kamalanathan and Umapathi Rao were the members in the officers committee.

(4)   Abdul  Khadar,  a  senior  I.A.S.  officer  was  appointed  in  1985  to  scruitinize  the  officers committee report.

ANS: 4

Arrange the following statements in a chronological  order

(a)    Declaration of K.Chandrashekar Rao Fast unto death.

(b)   Telangana March to Necklace Road.

(c)    Prof. M. Kodand Ram was nominated as convenor for Joint Action Committee (JAC).

(d)   Suspension of Telugu Desham Party from Joint Action Committee.

(1)   (a), (d), (b), (c)

(2)   (a), (c), (b), (d)

(3)   (b), (a), (d), (c)

(4)   (a), (c), (d), (b)

ANS: 2

Which  of  the  following  is  not  correctly  matched  ?

(1)   Lambadi  Hakkula  Porata  Samithi  —  Bellaiah  Naik

(2)   Gouda  Jana  Hakkula  Porata  Samithi  —    Elkakatte  Vijayakumar  Goud

(3)   Vaddera  Hakkula  Porata  Samithi  —  Dubbagatla  Narsing  Rao

(4)   Chakali  Hakkula  Porata  Samithi  —  Poosapally  Saidulu

ANS: 3

Telangana SI Preliminary Written Test Syllabus

Candidates  shall  be  required  to  appear  for  the  Preliminary  Written  Test  in  one  paper  (three  hours  duration)  as  given

Maximum Marks- 200 Marks

Total Number of Questions – 200 (Objective in nature).

Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning / Mental Ability (100 Questions)

General Studies (100 Questions)

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